Universal saw

With interchangeable sets for different castings for large and small batches

  • Sawing in 2 axes, linear and curved paths
  • Linear guides with servo drive
  • Expandable to different casting parts
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Quick change fixtures with coding plug
  • (programme is selected automatically), can be changed over in approx. 2 - 3 min.
  • Cycle times between 30 and 60 sec., depending on part size
  • Enclosure incl. sound insulation according to current guidelines

Sawing functions

  1. Sawing of "problem parts" (e.g. ring sprue)
  2. Sawing of curved paths (protruding centre pin on the casting)
  3. Sawing of curved paths (protruding centre pin on the casting)

Clutch Housing

Sprue sawing and drilling on the part in one operation

    • Independent control
    • Sprue sawing with electric saw
    • Drilling with drilling unit in the upper part
    • Sliding table → insertion of cast parts in extended state
    • Designed for manual and automatic operation

Torque crossmember

Drilling and face milling on an aluminum cast part

  • Milling over the flange sides with left and right cutter heads
  • Drilling and spot facing with multi-spindle heads
  • Designed for manual operation

SOMA tunnel cross beam

  • Manual operation
  • Part clamping by pneumatic hold-down
  • Lateral milling of the flanges with cutter heads by linear slide with servo drive
  • 3 pieces of bolting surfaces to be milled by milling device in the upper part
  • 4 holes are drilled and screwed on by linear slider with servo drive in the lower section
  • Cycle time approx. 50 seconds


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